Photo Policy

All my photos, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted. However, if you run a not-for-profit site, such as a personal site or a site for a non-profit organization, you're more than welcome to copy and use the images without having to explicitly ask me for permission.

If you run a commercial site and want to use the photo for editorial purposes or as decoration, my work is also available for use under Fair Use provisions of copyright law. This includes the photo's use in online or offline publications, such as books and magazines. However, none of the photos may be sold or included in a compilation being sold without my express permission. This includes hard and soft copy, calendars, stock photo collections, and albums.

If you do use my pictures, I ask that you give me credit. If you use it in a printing, crediting the work to Shelley Powers is sufficient. If you use the work online, please also add a link back to my web site–preferably to the article or post where you found the photo, but to the main site if you prefer.

In addition, please do not link to my photos directly. Linking to a photo directly costs me bandwidth, and I've added safeguards to prevent this hot linking. Instead, copy the photo for use in your site. If the photo is too small, contact me and I'll see if I can get you a larger copy; too large, feel free to modify it yourself. You can also use the photos in a larger work, such as annotation in a talk or video–if credit is given and the use is not for profit.