My name is Shelley Powers (shelley.just@gmail.com). I currently live in St. Louis, Missouri, though I've lived all over: Seattle, Portland (Oregon), Boston, San Francisco, Vermont, Arizona, and Utah. I'm a writer, primarily of computer books, though in 2012 I hope to begin work in other topics, such as social media, animal welfare, and food safety (other passions of mine).

Previously, I was a software developer/technology architect. I've been in the tech industry for 25 years, and have two degrees: a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Psychology, emphasis on industrial psychology. I've worked with several organizations, including Boeing, Multnomah County in Oregon, Standard Insurance, John Hancock, Sierra Geophysics, Intel, Harvard, Stanford University, and Nike. Most of my work in the last two decades has been as a contractor—working as DBA, system architect, and developer.

I have authored or co-authored 18 books, including recent books on JavaScript, RDF, Graphics, and Ajax. You can see my in-print books at O'Reilly, my primary publisher. You can also buy my books at O'Reilly, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other places where fine tech books are sold. Buying my books makes me a happy woman.

I've done about everything in the tech field, but right now my interest is in JavaScript/Node.js, (X)HTML/SVG/Canvas/CSS, semantic web technologies (including RDF/XML), PHP, and Drupal development. I am a past member of the W3C HTML Working Group, which is developing HTML5, the next version of HTML.

This site lists my longer, more personal reflections. Check my main page for links to all my sites, and my status updates if I don't have a lot of time for longer writing. My Twitter account is @shelleypowers, my Facebook page is at Shelley.Just, and I sometimes write to Google+

Photo policy: Enjoy my photos, and if you wish to republish any on your web site or other publication, feel free. All I ask is that you don't sell the photos commercially, or use the photos for commercial purposes. I also ask that you give me credit—either by linking to the site's front page or the page where you found the photo, or by listing my name with the photo. An email telling me about the use would be nice and make my day, but isn't essential.

Shelley Powers